HelpingHammers is a not-for-profit organization* aimed at supporting our country’s deployed service
members, veterans and their families by providing home contracting, maintenance and repair services free of

Driven by our patriotism and commitment to service above self, our mission is to ensure that our deployed
service members return to homes in good repair and that our disabled veterans get the help they need to
maintain their own homes.

It is our goal to create an extensive network of qualified, professional contractors and committed volunteers
who can do everything from small day-to-day chores to major home repair projects.

HelpingHammers is led by Robert Ransom, a professional contractor and business owner, and Joey
Wignarajah, a veteran of the Iraq War and graduate student.  While the idea for HelpingHammers was born
out of Robert’s strong desire to serve his country, the idea struck a chord with Joey, who just two years
earlier had returned home from Iraq to find that his condo had flooded and the floor had been torn out and
not replaced.  He not only had to deal with the normal stress of returning home, but also had to make his
home livable again.  Consequently, he understands too well the importance of ensuring that every service
member returns to a comfortable, well-maintained home.

HelpingHammers’s strengths lie in the knowledge, experience and commitment of its leadership and
volunteers.  As a successful contractor and small business owner, Robert has all of the skills to manage the
day-to-day business operations of HelpingHammers, as well as any type of home construction, maintenance
and repair project.  Additionally, as a former Naval Officer and construction project manager, Joey managed
over $20 million in home construction projects.  

* not-for-profit status is pending & the website is currently under construction.
If you have any questions please contact, Robert Ransom: